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If you wish to add some pictures to this site please email them to Liam as either uncompressed originals or 640x480 compressions.
How to email pictures using Windows XP or Vista

If you use Windows Vista or XP it is easy to send photographs via email.  The first thing to do is to navigate to the folder you have put your images in.  Typically this will be My Pictures and there is possibly a link to this folder on your desktop or on the start menu.

Windows XP start menu

Once you have found the images you want to send, select them with your cursor.  One way to do this is to click the icons of the files you want to send while holding down the CTRL key.  Alternatively you can drag a rectangle around the icons.

Once you have selected all the files, right click one of them and choose, Send to > Mail recipient.

The next window will ask you which size.  On Windows XP the default is 640x480 which is what I want you to use. 

Windows XP - no need to show more options.

On Vista you have to specifically choose 640x480.

Windows Vista - choose 640x480.

Your email program should then open up and you can put liam@hunting-directory.co.uk in the to: line.  Please let me know which hunt the pictures are of, plus any other relevant information.

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