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Showing latest reports from North Down Foxhounds

North Down Foxhounds - - 3rd November 2007
the next meet 3rd nov seen us down near the coast not much covert about a lot of thick gorse hedge rows any 1st draw would be small gorse patches and a strip of white grass growing with it up jumped reynard laid hounds on and away they went couldnt go straight with them due to so much wire well fenced so just sat back off them and let them go on we had to go around to get in contact with them the other side any way quickest way out of this field was over a electric fence with a bank and on to the road my Whip went on while i waited to make sure the field never damged the fence annyway on we g...

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North Down Foxhounds - Opening meet - 31st October 2007
well the time came it was the 31st oct time for opening meet drew out 26 1/2 couple and off to the meet it was good to have visters staying and hunting with us from the Crawley & Horsham . any way off we went it was a very good turn out of horses on we go to the 1st draw finds charlie straight away in some very thick gorse but our piolt took us straight towards the meet which is a built up area of houses so we give him best on we go finds another but heads for mountsteward estate(national trust) where hounds are not welcome so again abit of blowing gets the pack togeather and off we went this ...

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North Down Foxhounds - Childrens' meet - 28th December 2007
Childrens meet with over 40 children out from the age of 4 up to about 16 it was a eventfull day with all them out jumping and galloping flat out to start we give them a jump and gallop around a eventing ireland event course behind hounds to warm them up before we started hunting after they warm and a spin to take the sting out they ponys it was time to hunt on our 1st draw held with hounds hunting well in covert untill Charlie hit open ground where hounds could only own the line for 2 or 3 fields i picked hounds up and decided not to try and continue anymore on our 1st pilot due to it being a...

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