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North Down Foxhounds - Childrens' meet - 28th December 2007
Childrens meet with over 40 children out from the age of 4 up to about 16 it was a eventfull day with all them out jumping and galloping flat out to start we give them a jump and gallop around a eventing ireland event course behind hounds to warm them up before we started hunting after they warm and a spin to take the sting out they ponys it was time to hunt on our 1st draw held with hounds hunting well in covert untill Charlie hit open ground where hounds could only own the line for 2 or 3 fields i picked hounds up and decided not to try and continue anymore on our 1st pilot due to it being a wet windy day so it was better to keep the kids moving and warm so i headed for 2 blocks of pine wood which would be about 30 or so acres each with a few fields in between the 2 blocks we jumped into the 1st block and found straight away hounds were away full cry with us in hot pursuit there was times when i thought some of the kids on they ponys was going to over take the hounds and hunt the fox them selfs but anyway it all good craic and good to see they keen we must have rattled this fox around for about 30 mins or so before he went to ground and terrierman blown for this is where my 4yr old boy dismounts his pony leaves it grazing where it stood and was across the drain to get in on the dig with the terriermen so i asked if he was coming on with the rest or staying there to dig the reply i had was no i stay and dig and thats where him and his pony stayed with the terrierman and accounted for a dog fox. anyway in the mean time the rest of us was busy hunting another in he 2nd block of wood which they alll thought it was great galloping flat out around the tracks and also seeing the fox cross a track in front of them with hounds tight to his brush this is when our piolt took us back out of the wood into the 1st wood we drew and on again into the resvoir covert where we hunted him across a main road and on to some farm land where hounds threw up and could not take him any further the time by now was 3.30pm and no child had left to go home so it was decided to call it a day and blow for home and a fair way to hack back to the meet where every child rode up and thanked me and the whip for a great day which was nice to hear all hounds accounted for then it was time to go and find my boy and his pony so a bit of a drive and i find them not to far away from where we left them digging he was being lead by 1 of the boys who helps with terriers beaming from cheek to cheek quite happy to tell me the story of the dig

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