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North Down Foxhounds - Opening meet - 31st October 2007
well the time came it was the 31st oct time for opening meet drew out 26 1/2 couple and off to the meet it was good to have visters staying and hunting with us from the Crawley & Horsham . any way off we went it was a very good turn out of horses on we go to the 1st draw finds charlie straight away in some very thick gorse but our piolt took us straight towards the meet which is a built up area of houses so we give him best on we go finds another but heads for mountsteward estate(national trust) where hounds are not welcome so again abit of blowing gets the pack togeather and off we went this time i had to dismount my horse to draw the next has the landowner want have horses on his land so i sent the field up a lane to the top right hand side hounds are on and our pilot points his mask for some game crop quick rattle around this and away they go next thing the landowner is out in 4x4 shouting some of the field had spilt off and jumped a gate into a field hounds were stopped and taken on to next draw into next draw and away they go charlie pops out and hounds are coursing him in the open he thinks this is a bit tricky and slips back into covert where he breaks at the bottom side hounds failed to take his line on due to the field jollying about all over the line by this time i am pulling my hair out and about to explode so i pick hounds up and go on to next draw where we were safe for miles and i knew of a brace and half in that area the farmer had told me he sees a bigish fox in 1 patch of gorse every morning so i approach with hounds quietly and just let them drift on calm next thing they give tounge and away they fly we kept back off them so the field couldnt get to close to mess this up they swing left handed heading for the farm yard with our piolt just in front of them then it was woof woo boo bo woof they marking in him left the terrierman to his job and on we go to find another next thing up jumps charlie no more than 50yds from where i found the last one this time running more or less the same line as the the last giving me and a visitor a good view of hounds hunting down a headgerow away from us then swinging below us only for this fox to try the same earth the terrierman was on but he had 2nd thoughts when he sussed out it was already occuipied he then set his mask for the biggest pile of gorse he good find with hounds hunting hard behind him then it was woof woo boo bo woof our pilot decided to pop in by this time it was getting dark so decided to send our horses back and wait with hounds for them to have they fox quick blow to ground and the terrierman sent the new countryman up with his terrier he crashes in to the gorse and sends word back its a big place but he will try to fill in as much he could by this time it is more or less dark anyway cut a long story short he bolted it cry.gif then the terrierman arrives but at least he had his fox for the hounds to break up

Submitted or last changed: Sat, 05 Jan 2008 ; 21:19

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