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Melbourne Hunt - 2010 Season - 4th November 2010
Melbourne hunt is the oldest continuous hunt club in Australia. It was established in 1840 by George Watson with imported hounds from county Carlow in Ireland.

The kennels were first situated at Kirks Bazaar in what is now Melbourne CBD and they have had many relocations gradually further and further away from the original site Victorias capital city Melbourne as its surrounding suburbs become more and more residential.

The kennels are now located on 60 acres in Pakenham which is within a 70 klm radius from Melbourne CBD and still within 1-3 hours of our hunting country which is mainly Tarwin in the Southern Gippsland region and Rosedale & Strafford country situated in the Eastern Gippsland regions as well as Thornton country near Seymour/Alexandria further North, and Western district country near Casterton in the West of Victoria.

We have two Joint Masters: Joint Master, Mr John Masterton who has been Master of MHC for almost 30 years,

Joint Master Mr Graham Quickensted who was recently appointed master ship but has been a member for over 20 years. They are supported by a strong committee and social committee and supportive membership base including many who have held memberships for over 40 years.

This season was a delayed one and we welcomed in a new Huntsman from New Zealand Mr Douglas Isaccson a former NZ “World Cup” Show Jumping rider who has hunted packs in NZ for decades and had flown in to assist us.

Our first club event for the season was our annual ride to Snake Island which entails riders setting out on horse back and actually riding out through the ocean at low tide for a few hours until they reach the island and then camping out on this Island for 3 days and then returning home again through the ocean at low tide.

Then our season started with walking hounds out on foot from the kennels in Pakenham for many weeks, many members would come out on a daily basis to assist with this.

Then we progressed to a week away at our western district country hosted very generously by the Smiths they are immediate family of our Joint Master John. Their lovely estate set on 4000 acres has cottages, shearers sheds, and kennels to accommodate as many of us as we can arrange to spend a great week up there preparing our horses and hounds for the forthcoming season.

Our season proper commenced not long after we returned from the western district week away and we owe many thanks to the Landy Family for very graciously hosting our opening meet .

This meet was followed by other meets at Tarwin properties, as well as meets throughout the season on properties we have been meeting at for years in Stratford and Rosedale.

The time in-between hunting throughout the season was peppered with many successful Hunter Training days. The earlier ones were held at the start of the season with Melbourne Hunting identity Rosemarie Thiele we all had great fun at these.

And then toward the End of the Season with our Huntsman Doug Isaccson who can not only successfully hunt a strange pack of hounds but get the some of the Aussies jumping panels, stays wires as well as ordinary show jumps.

And unfortunately before we knew it our season was over . Then it was all hands on deck for the Royal Melbourne show Hunter events.

We were very pleased to win the award for the Most Successful Hunt Club for two consecutive years and being exceptionally well represented in the flat and plate classes as well.

A hello and welcome to all like minded hunting people world wide if you are in Australia please look us up we would love to have you over.

Submitted or last changed: Thu, 04 Nov 2010 ; 09:44

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